Fall In Love With Small, Temporary Symbols of Faith Tattoos

Faith tattoos: Small cross tattoo

Religion may be a taboo topic for many, but this doesn’t mean it cannot be incorporated into your style. From heirloom jewelry to cute nail art, religious iconography is a common choice among spiritual fashionistas. However, for many believers, the Christian faith runs skin deep, so much so in fact that it is often the inspiration for tattoo art. Yet, if you don’t feel ready to take the leap and commit to a permanent ink, be inspired by these small, temporary symbols of faith tattoos. Mix and match or showcase just one single design and showcase your connection to your faith. After all, they also serve as visual reminders of God’s plan when life gets tough.

The Significance of Symbols of Faith Tattoos

Body art is a very personal choice, especially when it comes to faith tattoos. Everyone’s spiritual journey is unique and people find solace in religion often during life’s darkest moments. Often, symbols of faith tattoos, real or temporary, carry deep meaning and provide comfort and strength for the wearer. Sometimes they are chosen in memory of a loved one or to mark a significant event. Not to mention, each symbol itself is infused with centuries of symbolism. 

What is the Meaning Behind Common Minimalist Christian Tattoos?

Many famous Catholic icons date back to the Old Testament. During this time literacy rates across the world were low and early Christians relied on symbols to tell the story of the bible. From the iconic faith cross tattoo to a dove with an olive branch tattoo, many popular ink designs originate from Bible stories. The Ichthys fish, staurogram, or the Chi Rho symbol have also found their way into tattoo art, acting as a visual way to connect with God and bring transformative beauty into our lives. Yet, there are more modern faith affirmations that are steeped in meaning. Discover the symbolism behind these popular icons and be inspired to get creative with your small temporary ink. 

Faith tattoos: Wave and cross tattoo

Why Opt For Small, Temporary Tattoos of Religious Symbols

Opting for small ink offers many benefits, especially when it comes to temporary symbols of faith tattoos. The first one is subtlety since small tattoos are less conspicuous than larger ink designs which may appeal to people who want to be discreet when displaying their faith. Secondly, there, and so many cute placement ideas to try when it comes to small designs. The hands, fingers, and wrist ensure that your temporary ink is always visible while placing it behind the ear offers an unobtrusive way to wear faith tattoos. Yet perhaps the best reason to play with temporary ink is that it is just that, temporary. Since the church is still not 100% in favor of permanent ink, small temporary tattoos are the perfect way to experiment with various styles and designs without the pain and permanence of the real deal. 

Popular and Temporary Christian Religious Symbols Tattoos

When it comes to embracing your beliefs through temporary symbols of faith tattoos, opting for the most popular symbols is a good place to start. These can be the timeless cross or a simple Christian fish. Whichever you choose, their meaning will aid your connection with God along your spiritual journey

Small Minimalist Cross Temporary Tattoo

The cross, or the crucifix as it is known within Christianity, represents the ultimate sacrifice God made for mankind. Jesus Christ, the son of God was crucified on the cross to rid humanity of their sins and offer salvation to those who choose to receive it. This simple yet powerful symbol is a timeless design that strengthens your relationship with God regardless of how hard life gets. Thanks to the minimalist style of this temporary tattoo, it looks good placed almost anywhere on the body giving you endless possibilities to celebrate your faith. 

Faith tattoos: Large cross tattoo


Tiny Crucifix Temporary Tattoo

If a small cross still feels too intrusive, a micro tattoo is a great option that allows you to experiment with temporary ink subtly. This tiny design looks great when placed in small areas of the body such as on the fingers, on the flat helix of the ear, on the upper neck behind the ear. Or, follow Justin Bieber’s lead and place this design on your cheekbone.  Wherever you choose to place it, you will be showing solidarity with fellow churchgoers with this delicate reminder of your faith. 

Faith tattoos: Fine line cross tattoo


Small Ichthus Fish Temporary Tattoo

This is perhaps one of the most popular symbols of the Christian faith, second to the cross. When searching for tattoos that mean faith, the fish holds plenty of meaning. It is believed to have been used by early Christians at the time of their persecution as a way to easily identify themselves, if it was reciprocated, they were with their people. Others relate this symbol to Jesus’ miracles in the Bible. Incidents like the miraculous catch of fish (Luke 5:1-11) and the feeding of the 5000 with fish (John 6:1-14) are famous moments relating to fish in the Old Testament. If you are looking for a temporary tattoo that instantly identifies your faith, this symbol is a fail proof option that can be placed anywhere on the body. 

Faith tattoos: Jesus fish tattoo


Small and Temporary Religious Tattoos on the Wrist and Hands

The wrist is a wonderful place to showcase a temporary tattoo since you can easily catch a glimpse of your chosen ink throughout the day. This is especially important when opting for temporary symbols of faith tattoos as each time you look at your chosen ink, you are being reminded not only of its powerful message but your relationship with God. Here are some eye-catching designs that make great wrist tattoos.

Bible Temporary Tattoos

The Bible, otherwise known as the Holy Book, holds immense significance for believers in the Christian faith. Choosing an icon of the Bible for your small temporary tattoos provides a tangible connection to the sacred scriptures which in turn offers a sense of security and comfort in uncertain times. The many miracles in the Bible and the stories of the Old and New Testament act as religious teachings that guide Christians on their journey. If you want to strengthen your spiritual beliefs, this expression of devotion encapsulates the timeless wisdom of the sacred text in a visual and modern way. 

Faith Tattoos: Bible tattoos


Temporary Rosary Finger Tattoos 

Those wanting a creative temporary ink can be inspired by this rosary temporary finger tattoo. This ultra-feminine design allows you to carry your prayer beads with you wherever you go. The rosary is a symbol of devotion and represents the vital prayer between you and God. Each bead is considered to be a prayer and offers the wearer essential protection and strength on their spiritual journey. The rosary is also commonly associated with the Virgin Mary and the events in the life of Jesus Christ. If you are unable to take your rosary with you or you are simply attracted to the unique placement opportunities this presents, this is a wonderful non-committal way to express your faith.


Faith Tattoos: Rosary Tattoo