Love Hailey Bieber’s Tattoos? Recreate Her Look With Instant Ink

Hailey Biebers Tattoos: Boho finger tattoo

From delicate handwritten messages to simple outlines, Hailey Bieber’s tattoos have sparked a forever-growing love for micro tattoos. Dotted across her body from head to toe, each design symbolizes a key moment in Hailey’s life. Yet, the minimalist style of her designs makes them ideal motifs for adding a feminine touch to your body art. Whether you are considering getting inked for the first time or are a tattoo enthusiast eager to add a new design to your skin, experimenting with temporary ink first allows you to recreate Hailey Bieber's iconic look without the commitment of a real tattoo.  

Everything You Need To Know About Hailey Bieber’s Tattoos

While Hailey Bieber has nearly 30 mini tattoos, her ink journey began back in 2015 when she visited celebrity tattoo artist JonBoy for the first time. A Roman numeral design for her parent’s wedding anniversary was the tattoo that started a lifelong love affair with minimal ink. Since then she has gone on to add different designs to her body, opting for specific placements such as the hands or the neck. While JonBoy has created the majority of her ink, she has chosen other celebrity tattoo artists for specific designs, namely Dr.Woo for her intricate hand tattoos and Melina Wendlandt for her latest tiny bow tattoo. Hailey is not shy of showcasing her faith with a wide range of Christian tattoos appearing in visible areas of her body. Likewise, her love of matching ink is no secret with some of her designs acting as BFF tattoos with other celebrities like Kendall Jenner. 

Inspired By Hailey Bieber’s Mini Tattoos? Get The Look - Instantly

The beauty of temporary ink is that once you have the transfer, it only takes 30 seconds for the design to appear on your skin. Plus, the application process is pain-free. So, if you are debating which of Hailey Bieber’s tattoos to add to your collection, worry not. You can try as many as you like, without any commitment, before deciding which tiny tattoo is right for you. Not sure where to start? These are some of our favorite designs from Hailey Bieber’s list of tattoos.

The Hailey Bieber Heart Tattoo

This cute, minimal, temporary heart outline tattoo is a design that can be used to symbolize a whole world of things. In 2018, Hailey enlisted the skills of JonBoy for this ink, placing it pride of place on her collarbone. Yet thanks to the simple nature of this tattoo, you can experiment with placing it anywhere such as behind your ear, on your hands or even on your ankle. 

Hailey Biebers Tattoos: Heart Outline Tattoo

Matching Broken Heart Temporary Tattoo

Hailey Bieber and Kendell Jenner have shown us that we are never too old for a friendship necklace. Yet instead of buying a necklace to share with your best friend, have fun with temporary ink. In August 2015, Jenner and Bieber took their friendship to the next level with a tiny broken heart tattoo inked onto the inside of their left middle fingers. Each one had an entire heart tattooed, yet Jenner opted for white ink while Bieber chose a classic red ink for her BFF tattoo

Hailey Biebers Tattoos: Broken Heart Outline Tattoo


New York Hailey Bieber Neck Tattoo

There is no place on Earth like the Big Apple and Hailey proudly shows her love for New York with a delicate, feminine handwriting tattoo placed on her neck. The date of this ink is unknown, however, Dr. Woo is the artist behind this patriotic tattoo. If you share Hailey’s love of NYC, this design is a creative way to show it. Choose to copy Hailey’s placement or opt to display this ink on your forearm, hands, or wrist.

Hailey Biebers Tattoos: New York Handwriting Tattoo

A Temporary Tattoo Inspired By Hailey Bieber’s Finger Tattoo

Shortly before getting married to Justin Bieber, Hailey took a trip to Los Angeles to get inked by Dr. Woo. The result? Dr. Woo’s intricate fine-line, Hailey Bieber's hand tattoo, famous for its combination of simplistic dot work and feminine motifs such as flowers and moons. Unlike her previous ink which takes on a more minimalist style, this design adds an ornate touch to her fine line tattoo collection. Since the hands are a painful place to tattoo, experiment with this temporary version before opting for the real deal. 


Hailey Biebers Tattoos: Hailey Biebers Finger Tattoos

A Temporary Hailey Bieber Cross Tattoo 

Hailey Bieber is not shy of embracing the Christian faith through her body art. Her collection of faith tattoos is expansive yet this minimalistic cross tattoo, dating back to January 2017 is a stylish way to strengthen your connection with God. One of the most iconic symbols of Christianity, the cross symbolizes God’s ultimate sacrifice for mankind, the death of his son Jesus, to cleanse the world of their sins, offering redemption for those who seek it. 

Hailey Biebers Tattoos: Small Cross Tattoo


Minimal Chevron Temporary Tattoos

If you are inspired by Hailey Bieber’s small tattoos you will have noticed the two tiny chevron tattoos on her left pinky finger. This design was inked by JonBoy in April 2017 at the Revolve Influencer Party at Coachella. Yet, despite its simple appearance it is steeped in symbolism. In some languages, these symbols are used as quotation marks. Meanwhile, in Viking culture, two chevrons were added to shields as protection symbols before going into battle. Today the double chevron is commonly associated with the armed forces and the various ranks within the regiments. It is a common design for those wishing to attract strength and direction to their life.

Hailey Biebers Tattoos: Chevron tattoo