Small Tattoos originated as an Instagram account in 2015, dedicated to showcasing the exquisite work of artists who specialize in miniature tattoos. In 2016, we expanded our vision by launching this shop, Temporary Small Tattoos.This initiative was designed to partner with the tattoo artists we had been promoting our our Insta account and create stylish temporary tattoos to assist our customers in visualizing their potential permanent ink through the experience of wearing realistic but temporary tattoos. When it comes to design non-permanent tattoos, who better than a professional tattoo artist?

By 2017, we furthered our commitment to innovation and artistry by introducing our first collaborative collection of temporary tattoos with renowned tattoo artist Lena Fedchenko. Following our successful collaboration with her, we continued to forge partnerships with notable tattooers: Zihee, Mini Lau, Jake Nowicz... Many are the artists who have also lent their distinct styles to our expanding collection. These collaborations have not only diversified our offerings but also enriched our customers' experiences by bringing a touch of personalized artistry to the realm of temporary tattoos. 

As a brand committed to sustainability, Temporary Small Tattoos prides itself on being environmentally friendly. Our temporary tattoos are uniquely designed without a plastic film on top, reducing waste and environmental impact. Moreover, all our packaging is crafted from paper, ensuring that every aspect of our product is eco-conscious. We strive to provide our customers with not only artistic expression but also peace of mind, knowing that their beautiful tattoos and packaging are kind to the planet. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Temporary Small Tattoos Milestones

January 2024 Our design portfolio surpasses 3,000 unique designs.
September 2017 We launch our first collaboration with tattoo artist Lena Fedchenko.
July 2017 We reach 100.000 followers on Insta!
October 2016 Temporary Small Tattoos is born. We launched the shop with less than 100 temporary tattoo designs.
April 2015 Our instagram account @small.tattoos is born, sharing small tattoos submitted by strangers, here our first post. We would soon start sharing tattoos exclusively submitted by tattoo artists.