Small, Stylish Bow Tattoos For a Temporary Balletcore Fix

Bow Tattoos: Ribbon bow tattoo on the wrist

Anyone with an eye on the social media platform TikTok will have seen the rise of the balletcore trend over the last few months. And, it is not just a street-style trend. Brands like Miu Miu have designed entire collections around silk ballet slippers, bows, leg warmers, and of course, pastel hues. Yet this trend doesn’t stay confined to fashion. Beauty looks also mirror the clean, feminine looks worn by prima ballerinas. Even ex-bun-heads like Hailey Bieber are honoring the trend with micro bow tattoos. If you have ever wanted to pay homage to the beauty of ballet in the form of a tattoo, now is your chance. But before you commit to permanent ink, why not experiment with a temporary version

The Meaning Behind Bow Tattoos, Real and Temporary

Regardless of if you opt for a lifelong ink or an instant fix, the meaning remains the same. When it comes to ribbon bows, there are many thoughts surrounding its symbolism. Some consider ribbon bows to represent the beauty of and anticipation of a gift. Others view bows for tattoos as symbols of strength and empowerment, a nod to the 1920s when women wore silk bows to hold up their stockings. Meanwhile, the most common association is with the ballet bows worn by dancers to tie up their pointe shoes - this style of bow represents femininity, dedication, and perseverance. It acts as a reminder to pursue your goals and that nothing in life is given to you on a plate. To achieve your dreams, you must dedicate many hours of work to make them a reality.

Thinking about getting a Tattoo of a Bow? Place It Here…

The beauty of using temporary ink is that it allows you to experiment with various placements before committing to a real tattoo. Due to the small nature of these designs, they can be placed practically anywhere on the body. Yet certain places make temporary bow tattoos stand out.


If you are thinking of getting a small, cute bow tattoo, the hands are a great place for it. Not only will you be able to show off your ink all the time, but the hands offer so many placement options. For example, you could opt for a temporary bow finger tattoo that sits on top of your finger imitating a bow on top of a gift - a great idea for a commitment tattoo. Alternatively, the sides of the hands are a feminine place that is small enough to make the temporary ink stand out. 


If you feel inspired by Hailey Bieber’s bow on the wrist tattoo you can follow in her footsteps and choose a temporary design small enough to stand out here. Place your temporary ink on the inside of your wrist if you want to keep your ink discreet, or on top facing out so that you can see it all the time. You can even take advantage of the tiny space at the side of the wrist for micro-bow tattoos.

Behind the Ear

The most discreet area for a small, temporary tattoo is behind the ear. This placement allows your ink to be easily hidden by your hair but provides a feminine canvas for when you want to showcase your latest tattoo. Ideal for small tattoos, this placement will look great when combined with a ballet bun hairstyle.

Be Inspired By These Ribbon Bow Tattoos

The choice of bow tattoos is as diverse as the women who choose them. If you are still deciding on how to join the ballet core trend, be inspired by these temporary, small bow tattoos.

Small, Temporary Fine Line Tattoo of a Ribbon Bow

When it comes to tattoos, sometimes less is more. If this is your motto, opt for this simple but stylish ribbon bow outline temporary ink. Place this anywhere that will remind you of your feminine energy. The flowing strands of ribbon and the coquette bow ooze girliness and imitate the traditional ballet-style bows worn by dancers. Pay homage to your ballet days or the beauty of the dance itself and opt for this instant ink. 

Bow tattoos: Ballet bow tattoo


Ballet Pink Bow Temporary Tattoo

If you are ready to go full-on prima ballerina opt for a temporary pink bow tattoo. You cannot get more coquette than this girly, feminine design. Place it on the nape of your neck, your wrist, forearm, or ankle- anywhere that will make you want to pirouette with happiness with every glance. 

Bow Tattoos: Pink bow tattoo


Small, Minimalist, Feminine Bow Tattoos

If minimal, fine-line designs are more your style, then opt for a feminine bow temporary tattoo. This design draws inspiration from the full-bodied hair bows from our childhood, filling us with waves of nostalgia at each glance. Honor your inner child and celebrate the woman you have become with this simple yet elegant ink.

Bow tattoos: Bow outline tattoo


Blue, Temporary, Dainty Bow Tattoo

If you feel inspired by the ballet core trend but pink just is not your color blue is just as feminine. This thin ribbon temporary tattoo also ties in with the cottage-core trend thanks to its long-flowing strands that seem as though they are blowing on a gentle summer breeze. Since this temporary ink is nice and bright, place it somewhere eye-catching like on your forearm, or behind your ear. If you are getting married, you could also wear it on your big day as your “something blue”. 

Bow tattoos: Blue bow tattoos