Discover the Meaning Behind Temporary Cute Butterfly Red Tattoos

The world of temporary tattoos is a colorful place full of creativity. From watercolor-style tattoos to a rainbow of fine-line designs, there are endless ways to elevate your body art with a splash of color. Yet one color choice is popular right now: red tattoos. With celebrities such as Kylie Jenner proudly sporting red ink tattoos, there is already plenty of style inspiration to be had. However, one design deserves to be put under the spotlight when it comes to red ink and that is the elegant butterfly

A Brief History of Red Tattoos

While the red tattoos trend is growing in popularity, red ink is nothing new. The ancient Egyptians used red body art to symbolize the universal life force energy and vitality. Meanwhile, the Ainu tribe in Japan used red ink tattoos as a sign of protection and a talisman for strength. Red tattoos also have an infamous history thanks to their unusual chemical composition which makes removing a red ink tattoo especially tricky business. They once used cochineal to create the vivid crimson color, then cinnabar was used instead but was later banned due to its heavy toxic load. Today, a red dye is composed of a mix of organic components such as iron oxide. The result? A complicated ink that can cause skin irritations and allergies in those with sensitive skin. So, if you are on the fence about getting red tattoos or simply need more time to play around with styles, consider getting red temporary tattoos first.

The Meaning Behind Red Butterfly Tattoos

A red butterfly is a great choice for those looking for meaningful, small red tattoos as it is steeped in meaning and symbolism. The eye-catching red color has the captivating ability to command our attention and hold it while also representing a passionate love or a symbol of bravery and courage.  The butterfly on the other hand is a worldwide symbol of transformation and personal change. Just as a butterfly evolves from its cocoon, we too can grow as we travel through life. Yet, the symbolism of this meaningful small red ink tattoo doesn’t stop here.

A Butterfly Red Tattoo For Good Luck

In many cultures across the world, the butterfly is a symbol of love and good luck. This is especially true within Asian cultures. In China, the color red is closely associated with luck and fortune while the butterfly is associated with with young love. In Japan, the butterfly is a symbol of the soul so combining these beliefs into your temporary red tattoos of butterflies you get a design destined to bring you good luck.  

Red tattoos: Tiny red butterfly tattoo

Wear a Butterfly Tattoo in Red Ink To Deepen Your Connection To The Spirit World

We are all aware of the unique transformation that occurs that turns the egg into a caterpillar which turns into a chrysalis and then into a butterfly. Yet, were you aware that the Native Americans associate this process with the journey of life? They also associate red butterflies with the East, which is the direction of the rising sun and the dawn of a new day. The symbolism of red butterflies in Cherokee culture deepens. They believe that if a red butterfly appears on your path it is a sign from your spirit guides warning you of a big transformation in your life.  

Red Tattoos: Red butterfly shoulder tattoo

The Christian Symbolism of a Temporary Butterfly Red Ink Tattoo

While you could opt for a traditional faith tattoo, many creative symbols hold special meaning for Christians. Red butterflies are closely associated with Jesus’ resurrection and the forgiveness of sins. It is a powerful symbol for believers, reminding them of the power of forgiveness and the hope of a spiritual transformation and redemption.  

Red Tattoos: Red butterfly flower tattoo

Choose a Temporary Butterfly Tattoo in Red Ink To Symbolize The Soul Of a Warrior 

In Aztec and Mayan cultures, it is said that the red butterfly represents the embodiment of the soul of deceased warriors. With this in mind, a small, butterfly hand tattoo in red ink is a beautiful way to pay homage to a loved one who has died during military service. It is also a wonderful design to celebrate the life of someone who has lost their battle against a disease. The butterfly is thought to guide the soul of the deceased into the afterlife. The Aztecs also associated the red butterfly with the fertility and childbirth goddess Xochiquetzal making this temporary tattoo act as a talisman during labor.

3 Temporary, Simple Red Tattoos To Combine With Your Red Butterfly Ink

While you may decide to keep things simple and stick with a single butterfly, you could also multiply them and play with different sizes or styles. Or, you could combine your temporary red butterfly tattoo with a completely different design altogether. If the latter option sounds fun, here are our top three designs for combining with a red butterfly. 

1. A Temporary Moon Rose Tattoo

If you are a mystic and are looking for some temporary ink to connect you to the ebb and flow of the universe, this moon and rose tattoo is an ideal choice. Designed in the fine line style, the rose is a symbol of romance and love, and the upwards-facing crescent moon symbolizes the moon Goddess Artemis, indicating that the wearer is deeply connected to the divine feminine. Combining this design with a red butterfly strengthens the meaning of both illustrations amplifying their symbolism as motifs for self love and inner transformation.

Red tattoos: Red rose and moon tattoo

2. Red Cherries Temporary Tattoo

Go for a full-on 90s revival with the mix of a fine line red cherries temporary tattoo and a little red butterfly ink. These classic symbols individually stir up a sense of nostalgia but together they spark a revival of an unforgettable era. If you lived through the heyday and wish to relive cherished memories or are keen to taste the essence of the 90s for yourself, a combination of these temporary tattoos will take you straight back to the time of the Spice Girls and Hanson.  

Red Tattoos: Red cherries tattoo

3. A Dreaming Daisy Temporary Tattoo

This is another floral, fine-line design from tattoo artist Jacknowicz to combine with a red butterfly temporary tattoo. Taken from his collection of red tattoos, Jackenowicz delicately blends subtle symbols of femininity in this design. The large daisy with its falling petals reminds the wearer of the childhood game of “he loves me, he loves me not” and in itself is a symbol of new beginnings. Meanwhile, the woman’s face in the background echoes the passing of time. Place your red temporary butterfly tattoo at the top of the daisy and allow it to flit and fly over the delicious pollen as a symbol of personal transformation. 

Red Tattoos: Red daisy tattoo