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Bee Temporary Tattoo (Set of 3)

Bee Temporary Tattoo (Set of 3)


Bees are essential to our ecosystem and human survival. They’re hard-working insects that take care of one another. They represent personal empathy, perseverance, and tenacity. These worker bees need the sun to survive. Sound familiar? If you’re a hard-working individual that is sociable, thrives in a team environment, and has a bright and optimistic personality, our bee temporary tattoo could be just what you’ve been looking for.

While small and delicate, our bee temporary tattoo is packed with a mound of details. Created in a fine line style, this temporary tattoo is a true representation of our friend the bee. Great for men and women of all ages groups, this biodegradable piece is made using the highest quality materials and ink and is delivered to you in 100% paper packaging. In essence, it’s the perfect ecological alternative for anyone that sees themselves as a bit of an eco-warrior!

If you’re thinking of getting a permanent tattoo, you’re in luck! Our bee temporary tattoo comes in packs of three so you can try out your design on different parts of your body before committing to the real thing. Alternatively, you have the option of sharing your temporary tattoos with friends and family too!

If you want to highlight your driven, enthusiastic, sociable, and sunny personality, our bee temporary tattoo is the perfect piece for you!

  • Set of three.
  • Size: 1 in / 2.5 cm (width)
  • Safe & non-toxic 
  • FDA-compliant and fun for all ages

Small Tattoos last on average 2-5 days. We suggest placing on oil-free areas where skin does not stretch and keep them clean!

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