Lena Fedchenko

Poppy Temporary Tattoo By Lena Fedchenko (Set of 3)


Poppy temporary tattoo, designed by tattoo artist Lena Fedchenko in collaboration with Little Tattoos.

Poppies are a flower that is loved by many for its beauty, especially when thousands of them turn an entire landscape a vibrant shade of red. In the spring, poppies appear along roadsides, their heads bobbing gently in the wind, like scatterings of confetti after a party.

With their cheerful beauty and appearance in the most unlikely of places, it is easy to forget that this humble flower completely revolutionized medicine and mankind’s ability to treat pain. Their vital role in pain relief is why poppies are symbols of peace, sleep, and death. For Europeans, red poppies are also powerful symbols of remembrance and they are worn on Remembrance Day to honor those who died during World War I. In Eastern cultures, red poppies are a symbol of love and success, often given between lovers.

Whether you’re attracted to their symbolism or their beauty, if you’re considering permanent ink, our poppy temporary tattoo is the ideal way to try before you buy. Our red poppy fake tattoo was created in collaboration with Lena Fedchenko, a celebrated tattoo artist from Russia who is known for her unique watercolor style and nature-inspired designs.  

This adhesive tattoo features a red poppy in full bloom, accompanied by two buds on either side. It comes in a set of three so you can experiment with placements or share with a friend. If colored tattoos are not your style, this fine-line poppy temporary tattoo designed by Jakenowicz is a great alternative!

  • Size: 2.6 in / 6.5 cm (height)
  • Set of three.

This poppy temporary tattoo is available in the Lena Fedchenko x Little Tattoos Set.

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  • Last on average 2-5 days.
  • Safe & non-toxic 
  • FDA-compliant and fun for all ages
  • We suggest placing on oil-free areas where skin does not stretch and keep them clean!
  • It will last longer if it is applied to a part of your body that doesn’t rub against straps or clothing.
  • Do not apply near eyes or on sensitive skin.


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