Small Snake Temporary Tattoo (Set of 3)


Small black snake temporary tattoos.

Snake tattoos are popular across many countries and cultures. While each culture has its own interpretation about what snakes mean, one thing is for sure: snake tattoos are a powerful and unique way to express yourself.

In one of the most traditional and universal meanings, snakes represent fertility and rebirth. Snakes must shed their skin in order to grow, making them an apt choice for those who embrace transformation or rebirth. Associated with the Garden of Eden, snakes can symbolize the struggle between good and evil. While snakes are associated with danger and risk, they also represent strength and power.

The snake has barely changed in its form since it evolved millennia ago, demonstrating that its graceful form is perfect exactly the way it is. Perhaps this is why ancient cultures viewed snakes as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. Snakes are considered sacred across many Native American and African cultures. Able to represent a wide range of meanings - from fertility and wisdom to power and strength - snake tattoos are a popular choice for men and women alike.

Thinking about getting a snake tattoo? You can try out different placements with our tiny snake temporary tattoo, which comes in a set of three. All of our tattoos are created from environmentally-friendly materials, designed to reduce our impact by being plastic-free and 100% recyclable.

  • Set of three
  • Size: 1.2 in / 3 cm (height)
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  • Last on average 2-5 days.
  • Safe & non-toxic 
  • FDA-compliant and fun for all ages
  • We suggest placing on oil-free areas where skin does not stretch and keep them clean!
  • It will last longer if it is applied to a part of your body that doesn’t rub against straps or clothing.
  • Do not apply near eyes or on sensitive skin.


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